Critical topics we face today

Mental Health


people experience mental health issues in their lifetime

Mental Health


of people who need mental health help do not receive it



Consumer spending is still a large portion of GDP spend per year

How We're Different

Breaking the mold of traditional venture capital


Relationship driven approach focused on people along with proprietary deal flow. Led by Gen-Zs, we are in tune with the world and what's changing; we've experienced the pain points and understand the problems we are solving for in healthcare and consumer

Inherent new perspectives


Our team's diverse and non-traditional backgrounds bring a fresh perspective to the industry; we cherish companies with new points of view and value diversity; extensive mental health experience, deep consumer investing experience, aligned with a passionate and driven team with a younger point of view

Powerful and Diverse

Co Investors

Opportunity to invest alongside top VC firms; co-invested with What If Ventures, Signal Fire, and other top tier firms

Ahead of Smaller VC's


Sourcing technologies and opportunities equivalent to larger VC firms due to our strong network

Strong and Diverse Founders


Built key relationships with early stage founders, option to invest on favorable terms; mentor 15+ new startups to help the community and build trust with founders; deep focus on underrepresented founders who lack access to capital; we have the connections to non-traditional companies that will be leading the next generation

Transparent and Communicative

Gp / LP Alignment

We are available 24/7 for anything our companies or LPs might need; our main goal is to generate strong returns for our LPs while keeping everyone aligned with our investment thesis and objectives

Stone Mountain Ventures

ready to fuel your journey


We focus on Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A investments

We are unlikely to be your biggest check; we are open to different valuations as long as your company falls within one of the three categories we invest across and aligns with our thesis


We focus on healthcare, consumer and technology companies. We have a niche interest in mental health given our unique background. Aside from healthcare, we are industry agnostic and interested in strong companies with diverse founders and a vision for the company. Revenue is not required, although we do prefer to see a product, plan, or some sort of patents / IP. We make initial investments of $25-$50k.


We take pride in being partners with the companies we invest in. All companies must have a strong vision, no egos, have a unique selling point; we avoid saturated markets and companies on the "wrong side" of history; we want to leave a positive impact behind

Why choose us to be part of your journey?

Team with a fresh vision ready to make and impact

At Stone Mountain Ventures we are firm believers in democratizing Venture Capital. We focus on investing in diverse founders and great companies looking to make a difference. Our investment approach is unique given the non-traditional backgrounds of our team which gives us the ability to access underrepresented companies and founders. We are here to help serve our founders and help them grow their business, achieve their dreams, and also deliver strong returns for our Limited Partners.

Through alignment and access to mentorship and capital we are solving the problems in venture capital. Our focus is in the healthcare, consumer, and technology industries. We have a special interest in mental health and addiction treatment.