Frequently asked Questions

How Big is your Team?

We have a Managing Partner, Chief of Staff, and rotating interns and analysts and a deep bench of advisors, LPs, and external scouts; we plan to hire interns and analysts in the near future; we have a strong team that is ready to help you solve all the difficult problems that come with running a start-up

What is your investment process?

We try to move swiftly when evaluating deals. You can expect us to roughly follow the steps below before an investment is made.

Step 1:
 Partner Zoom Call
Step 2: Additional questions asked through email / comparable process
Step 3: Second Partner Zoom Call
Step 4: Additional questions asked through email/comparable process
Step 5: Potential third call with all partners available - product demo if applicable (potentially have an advisor or other team member join as well)
Step 6: Review additional information internally and then decide if we want to pursue or not

Where are you based?

We are headquartered in Dallas TX and pride ourselves on being able to make quick decisions via Zoom and be able to be on the road when needed.

Where do you invest?

We have a geographic focus in North America but are always open to meeting talented founders and innovative companies globally

Do you have a scout program?

We currently work with experienced scouts and are in the process of building a full fledged training program

How long does it take to hear back from you?

After our meeting, you will hear a response from us within 72 hours or sooner, we pride ourselves on moving quickly and understand that your time is very valuable

Do you invest in companies with no revenue?

Yes. We care about the founders, the market, and their vision for the company; we understand companies are at different stages, our sweet spot is companies that have an MVP

I'm not sure if I fit your profile, should i still reach out?

Yes we would still welcome a conversation and if it is not a great fit for our portfolio we are happy to introduce you to other venture capital firms